How to Get Rid of Dry Hair

Dry, brittle strands of hair indicate lack of oil and moisture. Thus, they look dull, lose their attractive sheen, and seem to have a straw-like texture.

Nevertheless, you can combat the dryness by regular conditioning treatments. Plus, you need to take good care of your hair and avoid hair care disasters.

Before moving to the remedies, though, it is essential to determine the reason causing dry hair so that you can eliminate the problem effectively.

The most common causes of dry hair are environmental dryness, overexposure to sun, excessive blow drying, excessive washing, use of harsh hair care products, malnutrition, stress, hormonal imbalance, and certain diseases such as hypothyroidism.

Chronic dry hair, in particular, may signify underlying health issue. More often than not, this problem is also accompanied by dry and itchy scalp. Plus, when struggling with dry hair, you are more susceptible to static cling in hair.

How to Get Rid of Dry Hair

Here are 7 effective solutions for getting rid of dry hair.

  1. Deep Conditioning Oil Massage
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Eggs
  4. Banana
  5. Avocado
  6. Coconut Milk
  7. Glycerin Hair Spray
  • Deep condition your hair at least once a week with oils like organic coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, safflower oil, castor oil, argan oil, etc. Apply the oil generously. To help it penetrate deeper, it is suggested to heat it in a microwave for 20-30 seconds. After massaging the oil on your scalp, apply it on your hair. Cover with a shower or wrap a warm towel around your head.
  • Apply half a cup of mayonnaise on damp hair, wash it off, and then shampoo your hair as usual. Mayonnaise can also be used in combination with mashed avocado.
  • Whisk two egg yolks and mix two to four tablespoons of water. Work this hair mask through your hair. After 10-15 minutes, rinse it off with cold water.
  • Mash two bananas and mix two teaspoons of honey. Spread this hair mask on your hair and leave for about an hour. Finally, rinse your hair after 30 minutes and use a mild shampoo on your hair. You may also use a combination of one banana and four tablespoons each of olive oilm honey, and glycerin.
  • Take the pulp of one ripe avocado, two tablespoons of olive oil, and one tablespoon each of aloe vera gel and honey. Blend these ingredients in a blender. Apply this mask on your hair and leave for 15-20 minutes before washing it off. Avocado can be used in combination with olive oil and whipped heavy cream.
  • Prepare a moisturizing deep conditioner by blending half a cup of coconut milk, half a cup of honey, one and a half cups of water, and a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil. Heat the mixture slightly. Finally, apply it on your hair and scalp. Rinse it off after at least one hour.
  • Prepare a glycerin hair spray by adding one part pure vegetable glycerin in five parts water. Plus, add few drops of lavender essential oil in it. Shake the solution and spritz it on your hair after washing your hair.

Tips to Prevent Dry Hair

  • Over washing is usually discouraged to avoid both dry as well as oily hair. It tends to strip the natural oils on the scalp and induce dryness. Washing with harsh chemical shampoos, in particular, make your hair overly dry. Thus, instead of shampooing your hair daily, it is suggested to wash your tresses two to three times in a week. In case you have long hair, you may shampoo just once a week. Plus, make sure you use a mild, moisturizing shampoo, followed by a good-quality conditioner.
  • Prefer to towel dry your hair instead of blow-drying as heat is likely to damage your hair. While towel drying your hair, though, do not rub your hair vigorously, or else it can lead to breakage. As far as possible, allow your hair to dry as naturally as possible.
  • Take a healthy diet rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, include nuts, seeds, shellfish, etc. in your diet.

Dos and Don’ts



tickDo use a loofah on your skin while showering to remove dead cells.crossDo not take long, hot showers.
tickDo pre-condition your hair before shampooing. You can use a mixture of half a cup each of coconut oil, olive oil, and a cup of coconut milk for this purpose.crossDo not skip the conditioner after shampoo as it replaces lost moisture makes your hair soft and smooth.
tickDo wash your hair after swimming as exposure to chlorinated water can damage your hair.crossDo not overheat your hair; if you cannot avoid blow-drying then at least use the lowest heat setting. Avoid using flat irons and other heated styling tools, too.
tickDo select the right hair products specifically formulated for dry hair. Hair products containing shea butter, palm oil, aloe vera, etc. are considered good for dry hair.

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