How to Get Rid of a Hickey

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  • Witch hazel is another effective home remedy for the hickey bruise and inflammation. So, apply a little witch hazel on the affected area to contract the damaged blood vessels.
  • Dabbing a small amount of mint toothpaste on the affected area to get rid of a hickey. After application, let it sit for some time until the tingling stops. Finally, wipe it the help of a warm washcloth. Alternatively, you may apply place a damp peppermint tea bag.
  • You can also apply over-the-counter treatments like anti-bruise cream/gel, vitamin K cream, etc. to constrict the blood vessels and reduce redness. You may apply arnica salve or a solution of cold water mixed with a few drops of arnica tincture. Besides, you can mix a small amount of a healing gel in your foundation cream and then apply.

Tips to Prevent Hickies

  • The best way to prevent a hickey is to avoid getting one! Nevertheless, you can minimize a hickey by taking the steps for healing without delay.
  • You may also hide the hickey with the help of smart makeup. It is usually suggested to use a yellow corrector on the inner red portion of the hickey and green corrector on the bluish areas. Finally cover with concealer that matches your skin tone and finish with powder to set the concealer so that it does not get smudged. This helps neutralize the color, thereby making the hickey less visible. Moreover, you can cover up your hickey with a stylish scarf or a shirt with a high collar.

Dos and Don’ts



tickDo take a healthy diet, particularly including broccoli, spinach, tomato, Swiss chard, green cabbage, and other foods that are rich in vitamin K to facilitate the process of healing.crossWhile applying ice or ice pack, do not place it directly on the skin as it may cause frostbite. You wrap in a paper towel place it in a zip-lock bag and then apply. Similarly, be careful while using the warm compress, too.
tickDo start the treatment, especially the ice therapy as soon as possible.crossDo not be too aggressive with your hickey, or else it can worsen and become even more visible.
crossIn an attempt to hide a hickey, do not wear clothing or jewelry that you do not normally wear as it shall draw attention to the affected area.
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